Aéria, light of the clouds

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Size : L
Total height : 30 cm
Maximum penetration lenght : 22 cm
Maximum Diameter : 4 cm
Largest circumference : 12,8 cm
Average circumference : 12,8 cm
Base size : 4 cm x 4 cm

This model is presented in Balnc nuage.

The Sextoys Petit Vice are handmade in our workshop in France to guarantee you a perfect quality. They are made on order especially for you.

We are using a medical grade silicone complying with norm ISO 10993-10 for a safe and hypoallergenic use.

If you have any trouble to choose best characteristics for your sextoy, read the section how to choose?

Please, read carefully use and care instructions.

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95,00 €

  • Hard
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The dull roar of the aerial city slowly creeps into the crystalline echoes of my meditation. I feel the Force passing through me and dragging my mind with it.

I am ready to assemble my lightsaber, an new step towards the end of my training. The components are all in front of me, precisely arranged on the assembly mat. Those parts are a part of this last year. I patiently collected the elements, made the necessary modules ... All that was missing was the essence of my weapon. She was patiently waiting for me here in the heart of this ocean of clouds.

I call the Force. I like to feel it awaken in me, invade my body, flow in my veins. My eyes are closed, but it's not dark when she's with me. A sweet tingle goes up along my spine and makes me shiver. When the light is there, I'm never alone.
I feel the presence of each component. Gently, one by one, I lift them and place them in the air in front of me. As I connect the stone, I feel the soft heat that invades my body. The visions are spinning, but I am at peace in the midst of this storm.

A smack, my heart stops, my sword is born.