How to choose ?

Which model ?

Do you have hard time making your choice between our various models? That will become complicated with each novelty; I have many idea in reserve.

All our products are designed, developed and tested carefully in order to offer to you varied and enriching experiments of plays. Several aspects should enter on account to make your choice.

- Size (it counts!): our products are different in length or diameter. The average diameter of our products is 4 cm (~13 cm of circumference) for M size, the small one, S, is 3,5 cm(~10 cm of circumference) and can go up to 5 cm (~20 cm of circumference approximately) for the largest models, L.

Choose a size adapted to your practice and your anatomy.

We currently work to make each reference available in several different size and to extend this diversity of size. Impatient for a model in particular? Send to me a message to

- Texture: if the silicone of our toys presents a soft surface and matte, the form of its sculpture will have an impact on the contact with your body.  Fine details could pass almost unperceived whereas some more prominent are there to offer more intense feelings. The force of these feelings is directly affected by the hardness of selected silicone.

 Which hardness ?

Petit Vice proposes three differents silicones hardness to you to personalize your sextoy: Hard, medium and soft.

- Hard: Hard silicone offers a rigid sextoy. Your toy will remain firm in hand and will fold little under the pressure. If you have already the habit to use sextoys, you will find a similarity of hardness between other marks and our silicone hard. It is a hardness which offers strong and marked feelings comparable with a beautiful penise in erection ;)

- Medium: This more flexible silicone will be more elastic under the fingers and it will follow with flexibility your movements. It is a comfortable and soft hardness, comparable with the hardness of the muscles tended under the skin.

- Soft: This hardness, softest of our range, offers a sextoy which will fold easily under the constraint. It will easily take the shapes and the curves that you will give him. It has properties similar to a muscle at rest.

Note that:

-the feeling of hardness is related to the shape of your toy. With equivalent hardness, a thin sextoy will always feels more flexible than large.

-A low hardness will have an impact on the behaviour of your sextoy. soft, he will tend to bend more and more as is thin. The effect of the reliefs will also be less marked.

Need an advice for your first purchase? Send to me a message to

Which colour ?

Petit Vice’s sextoys are available in a broad variety of colours and patterns. Certain colours can be exclusive with a model. The choice is more a question of taste and do not have any effect on the properties of your sextoy.

The colours are included in the mass of silicone in order to guarantee the medical quality of your toy. The pigments are stable and durable in time. The colours do not fade on other objects.

Because of the handmade production method of our products, light variations of colours or patterns can happen from a sextoy to another. They are the reflect of the uniqueness of your toy.

Do you want a particular color for your toy? Send to me a message to

 Also think of visit the section reserved for maintenance and the use of the Petit Vice’s sextoys.