Howard, exaltation of the depths

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Size : M
Total height : 20 cm
Maximum penetration lenght : 14,3 cm
Maximum Diameter : 4,3 cm
Largest circumference : 15 cm
Average circumference : 12,6 cm
Base size : 12 cm x 9,4 cm

This model is presented in red.

The Sextoys Petit Vice are handmade in our workshop in France to guarantee you a perfect quality. They are made on order especially for you.

We are using a medical grade silicone complying with norm ISO 10993-10 for a safe and hypoallergenic use.

If you have any trouble to choose best characteristics for your sextoy, read the section how to choose?

Please, read carefully use and care instructions.

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105,00 €

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  • M

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When I fell in the water you were there to welcome me. You extended your eight arms towards me.
You grabbed my ankle, your arm slowly wrapped around my leg, pulling me towards you inch by inch. Your second arm caught my waist, I felt your strength around me. A third arm slipped between my thighs, grazing my cock. He is back on my back, your suckers on my skin taste me. I'm as frightened as surprised by the contact of your body that's pressed against my chest.
Another of your arms goes under my armpit and holds me firmly against you, I understand at this moment that you will not let me go. I try to struggle to free myself but your arms are tightening on me. I feel another arm on my neck and despite the fear, I shiver with pleasure. You grab my hair and force me to look at you. Your dark eyes plunge into mine, you look so determined. The lack of air makes me dizzy. I struggle, I want to go back to the surface. I need to breathe, just a breath, one more. But you continue to train in the depths.
An arm just snuck between my thighs, you keep my legs wide open. I feel that you are slowly entering me. I feel you move within me and every movement awakens a desire. My hips dance under your gentle caresses. You go deeper, I feel my sex stretching. You still force me and a sharp pain pulls out the air that I kept preciously. Water seeps into my nostrils and rushes into my mouth.
My instinct screams me to fight but I refuse to panic. I cling to this desire that pushed me to the water. I promised to follow him. I must honor my word. I feel his arm rising in my bowels. The pain takes my breath away. I do not need air anymore.
Fill my body with you, do not leave me empty.
From the tip of your arm, you gently brush my lips. This softness makes my pain more bearable. But I know it will not last. He enters my mouth, plunges into my throat, descends deeply into me. I would like to fight but I miss the strength.
Search my God, search and find my soul to seize you.
Hollow my God, dig and do not stop at my tear. Be pitiless and find my heart.

Bite him to beat him again.