Yvlie, Prima of the Seithr

New product

Size : unique
Dimensions : 19,2 cm x 7 cm x 6 cm
Maximum penetration size : 17,5 cm
Maximum inside diameter : 3,4 cm
Average inside diameter : 2,2 cm
Largest inside circonference : 9,6 cm
Average inside circonference : 8,6 cm

Finition :
- Open :
Hole is goins all through the toy. Easy use, easier cleaning, less suction;
- Closed :
Hole is not going through the toy. Need some practice in using and washing, maximum suction.

Ask us in case of doubt.

This model is presented in emerald metal.

The Sextoys Petit Vice are handmade in our workshop in France to guarantee you a perfect quality. They are made on order especially for you.

We are using a medical grade silicone complying with norm ISO 10993-10 for a safe and hypoallergenic use.

If you have any trouble to choose best characteristics for your sextoy, read the section how to choose?

Please, read carefully use and care instructions.

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105,00 €

  • Extra soft
  • Open
  • Closed

More info

I don't really remember when this quest started, somewhere between the booze of the Port of London and the long, boring evenings of the bourgeoisie of Saint James. A rumor had piqued my attention: far from the worldly attraction for this pseudo-esotericism, there was a rumor about women. They were heirs to an ancient circle, the Seithr.

It was just a rumor, a story that the old aristos told to show off, a myth that passed from sailor to wheelwright. This idea started to obsess me. I looked for them everywhere I went. My research took me further, out of the City and the grimy streets.

I don't know what got into me. I couldn't be part of it, but I was drawn as if by a long-forgotten goal. It seemed to me that this was the meaning of my whole life. I didn't listen to the gossip that said men who got too close were dead, at best...

The Seithr does not want to be found. He blurs the tracks; he constantly reshuffles the cards.

And then the visions began, indistinct, fluctuating. I was still looking for them, accelerating these images through alcohol and drugs… and then sex. The orgasm propelled me a little further into these visions each time. I saw faces, places...

I don't remember how I woke up there. Without knowing where I was, I finally knew that I was in the right place. This place was familiar. I waited for days before she finally revealed herself to me, without really knowing how long she had been there, Yvlie, prima of Seithr.